Talking About Desires

My latest DatingAdvice post is live today: “How To Tell Her What You Want in the Bedroom

Here’s the ending; make sure to go read the rest!

“How important the desire is to you?

Is this something you are willing to compromise on? Would you be OK not ever experiencing this particular thing with this person? Is your desire non-negotiable?

Ideally, you should have a sense of how flexible you are with your desires so you can let your partner know where you stand, giving her a fair chance to make an informed decision.

Key ingredients to healthy intimate relationships include honesty and a willingness to be vulnerable. While it may sound terrifying to open up about things you want in your erotic/sexual life, you will have more satisfying relationships in the long run.”

What has helped you talk to your partner about your fantasies? Writing and reading this post of mine, I feel like the answer is so obvious- am I missing anything? Is it any more complicated or complex than pulling up your big-person pants and talking to your partner about your desires and fantasies?

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