I’ve had a lonely couple of days, and am feeling less lonely today. Loneliness is one of those feelings that just sucks. There’s no way around it, except through it. I can’t run away from it (or any other feeling for that matter). I have to let it sit and eat out my heart until it’s done. Loneliness is a vastly different feeling than feeling alone. Aloneness is delicious- I can swim luxuriously through aloneness and enjoy me, myself, and I in my own bubble for a while. I am productive and creative and sensual when I am alone. But this lonely bullshit has been just that the past few days.


It helped to type into Google yesterday: what to do when you’re lonely. (I know, right? How old am I? How did I get to be almost 26 and not have this list ready-made in my head?)

Reading other blog articles was really helpful (I liked this one and this one). Here’s my list.

What Katie B Needs to Do When She’s Lonely

1. Cry. A fucking lot.

2. Call my mom. Cry some more.

3. Call a friend. Like, a really good friend. Someone who I can practically get a hug from over the phone.

4. Eat delicious food. Like a really awesome burger. With kombucha.

5. Take a hot shower.

6. Stretch.

7. Listen to new music.

8. Cuddle with my pup.

9. Read a new book.

10. Exercise. Endorphins help.

11. Talk to more friends.

12. Talk to J and receive the love.

13. Welcome loneliness. Say, “I’m not afraid of you. You can’t make me hurt all that much for all that long. So bring it.”

What do you do when you feel lonely?

2 thoughts on “Loneliness

  1. That is an awesome list! I primarily knit or do other crafty stuff to kick the lonely bug. Scheduling a massage or cuddle date helps. Number 13 is one that I would not think of, but is important.

    • Yay crafty stuff!! And touch- that should have been on my list. I scheduled a massage yesterday :) cuddling and massage definitely helps me feel less lonely :)

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