Hard and Soft

*My blogging this week took a hit from life stuff (good things!) and this post should have gone up yesterday. Better late than never!

You came to watch me dance. We have both been waiting for this kind of encounter for a long time- two or three years? You walked in the room and my stomach did a flip. I felt energized and nervous- please don’t fall in your heels. We brush hands and legs and feet. I want to kiss you so badly, but I can’t. You stay for hours and I watch you from the stage, watching me, drinking, laughing. 

We leave and I can’t take it anymore. We get around the corner, away from the view of any staff or other dancers or other customers. You pull me close and we kiss, soft at first and then harder. I feel energized and nervous. It’s almost 3am, but all of a sudden I don’t care about my sleep deprivation. Come home with me.

You follow me home, my stomach doing flips. Nervous, I pull into my driveway. You follow me, and we go straight into the bedroom. The anticipation seems to be dragging my whole body onto the bed, pulling you with me. 

We lay there, making out, pulling off clothes, sucking each other. I come once and twice and three times. I want your cock inside of me, but only after I’ve gone down on you while you’ve held my head. You’re on top of me, push my legs up to my head so far I’m not sure I can take it anymore. Later, I climb on top of you riding your cock hard and fast, yelling for your come. When you do, I feel waves through my body- it’s delicious. 

We fall asleep, spooning. Skin on skin. This is the soft part.

We sleep for a couple of hours, until I wake up to your hard cock pressed into my ass. I feel wet and excited all over again, and I want your cock buried inside of me. You fuck me that way until you come again. And again- delicious, satisfying.

We fall asleep, softly.


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