I am a relationship coach and sexuality educator. I have my Masters of Public Health in Health Promotion and am currently in a Masters of Social Work program, working towards becoming a sex therapist. I have worked in the past as a sexual assault and domestic violence crisis line advocate, and currently teach Human Sexuality for a local university. I love learning, and I love sharing what I learn.

I am queer, in an open relationship, have experiences with monogamy, like certain kinky things, and am a stripper. I like to think of myself as non-judgmental, compassionate, sex positive, and reflective; thus, I share these things about myself with the hopes that it will put my readers at ease in thinking of me as someone they can talk with.

I am here for me, for you, and for us all to reclaim sexuality. This means offering honest and reflective conversations about relationship diversity, sexual and gender identity, sexual violence, societal norms around relationships and sex, and social justice issues related to sexuality. I will show you how I reflect on my experiences, and I will offer advice on questions you have, too.

About this blog:

This blog started off at From Monogamy to Something More as a way for my partner, J, and I to document our explorations into and adventures with nonmonogamy. I transitioned the blog into what it is now, in January 2014, when I realized that the blog had morphed into something larger than just our relationship. I imported my previous blog here, so you can access and read all of the early stuff as well as my recent writings. Thanks for reading!



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