Surprise Me in the Shower

I was waiting for you, but I didn’t plan my time well. I’m naked, sweaty from my day of working out and being in the sun, standing in the shower, hanging the shower curtain back up. I know you are coming, and as I have my back to the door, I think I hear something. I think to myself: it would be so crazy if he was standing behind me, naked, ready to pounce.

My head slightly turns, as if my nervous system perceives you before the rest of me does. I yell in surprise, laughing at myself. And you are how I imagined: naked, ready to pounce.

We make out in the shower, you kissing my neck and ears, me stroking your cock and feeling your body- your ass and stomach and back. After just a few minutes I want you even more than before. I turn around and bend over and you slide your cock inside me and start pounding away. It feels so fucking good, and I’m yelling more and more. Eventually (ten minutes later maybe?), we need a change of furniture, and move to the bedroom.

I get on top of you, riding your cock, faster and faster.  You grab my stomach and my tits hard- just how I like it. I come once and then twice and then a third time. Each time I feel more and more immobilized, my body in orgasmic shock. I roll off of you and you pound me in doggy style again, grabbing my shoulders and hair, eventually shooting your load deep into my pussy. 

We’re both sweaty. We take another shower, this time lightly kissing and massaging, breathing deeply, our bodies calmed.

I love surprises.

Hard and Soft

*My blogging this week took a hit from life stuff (good things!) and this post should have gone up yesterday. Better late than never!

You came to watch me dance. We have both been waiting for this kind of encounter for a long time- two or three years? You walked in the room and my stomach did a flip. I felt energized and nervous- please don’t fall in your heels. We brush hands and legs and feet. I want to kiss you so badly, but I can’t. You stay for hours and I watch you from the stage, watching me, drinking, laughing. 

We leave and I can’t take it anymore. We get around the corner, away from the view of any staff or other dancers or other customers. You pull me close and we kiss, soft at first and then harder. I feel energized and nervous. It’s almost 3am, but all of a sudden I don’t care about my sleep deprivation. Come home with me.

You follow me home, my stomach doing flips. Nervous, I pull into my driveway. You follow me, and we go straight into the bedroom. The anticipation seems to be dragging my whole body onto the bed, pulling you with me. 

We lay there, making out, pulling off clothes, sucking each other. I come once and twice and three times. I want your cock inside of me, but only after I’ve gone down on you while you’ve held my head. You’re on top of me, push my legs up to my head so far I’m not sure I can take it anymore. Later, I climb on top of you riding your cock hard and fast, yelling for your come. When you do, I feel waves through my body- it’s delicious. 

We fall asleep, spooning. Skin on skin. This is the soft part.

We sleep for a couple of hours, until I wake up to your hard cock pressed into my ass. I feel wet and excited all over again, and I want your cock buried inside of me. You fuck me that way until you come again. And again- delicious, satisfying.

We fall asleep, softly.


It Was Like Maui

We had met, friends of friends, on the nude beach. You were sexy but we didn’t talk. I thought about fucking you, but thought maybe we weren’t a good match. I was wrong.

I was in Maui a year ago, and  I met someone off of Craigslist. He came over twice, both times, hardly said a word and fucked me almost senseless. Pushed my legs up to my face, spanked me, came all over me. It was perfect. You remind me of him, of that crazy good experience.

You grab me tonight when you see me, and tell me how good I look; grope and massage my ass. I am electrified. Later, you get off your shift, pass by with a drink. Say hi, tell me how attractive I am. I tell you that you are as well. I ask to get your number. After giving it to me, we start to make out. Roughly, hungrily, and I think- this feels familiar. It’s like Maui. You ask if I want to fuck. And I say yes.

We go into the room, and tear our clothes off. You go down on me, start fingering me, and it’s like Maui and magic- you just already know, without me having to tell you, how to make me come. You moan when I squirt, and make me do it again and again. Soon, I go down on you, and you force my head down onto your cock, pulling my hair up and down, up and down. And then we both want more, and you thrust your cock into my pussy, and again- it’s like Maui. Rough and dominant and slightly aggressive- the energy feels electric. This is candy. This is the best of stimulants. My body feels weak.

We fuck with you on top and in doggy style. And when you come, you pull out and come all over my ass. How I wanted your bare cock and your come deep inside of me. But we’ll save that for next time.

We make out more, hurriedly, both gasping for air. I want to fuck you again.

Women in Crossfit

Last week I was at the gym and was completely captivated watching the women crossfit games on the TV. It was like something shifted deeply inside my gut watching buff, strong, muscle-y women lift weights, run, and be all-around bad asses. I am so used to the small and petite women gymnasts, ice skaters, cheerleaders. While I know buff women athletes abound during the Olympics, it’s something different to watch women do typical “manly” exercises like lift massive amounts of weight versus running around a track or swimming. I just loved watching these super fit, but not tiny, women compete with one another. That whole mantra, Fit is the new skinny, could be the tagline for crossfit. It’s not just “fit,” though- it’s “built.” It was inspiring.

Another experience from the week that I felt was worth sharing: I didn’t wear a bra to work one day. I don’t have large breasts, and so I know it’s far less noticeable, but I felt self-conscious the whole day. Upon telling J this via text, he responded with the best thing: “Just treat it like a feminist thing and be proud! You shouldn’t have to wear a bra to make other people comfortable.” When I read that, I sat up a bunch straighter, and felt immediately better. Yeah! Thanks J!

And, for the second very noticeable time in the past couple of weeks, I had an experience that is hammering home one of my most salient personal lessons right now: I’m not the center of attention all the time. I know that sounds juvenile and dumb, but that’s often where personal insecurities lie at their root I suppose. They are complaints from being two years old that have never quite grown up. Realizing that a new love has other new loves and isn’t as interested in creating something deep, and realizing that a new flame has other connections right now- examples of experiences that are hard for me to digest. But the simplicity of being honest about these feelings has helped immensely. I have just felt for moments here and there like this: What? What about me? Pay attention to ME! Hey, come on! I’m not the center of your world?! And then moments later, I snap out of it. It’s embarrassing, but it’s the truth. It is helpful to meditate on the scarcity versus plenty model of life, but only after I’ve snapped out of it.

Besides all that, my fabulous weekend consisted of yummy, hot casual sex, seeing friends, painting, dancing for buku bucks, and beaching. Thank goodness for ten hours of sleep last night!

One Night Stand

I get ready: shaved legs, shaved pussy. Sheer lipstick. Striking eye make up. Tight, short dress. Heels. Soft hair, soft skin, painted nails. Perfume. I feel like an aphrodite, a tigress, on the prowl to take what’s mine. What’s mine for tonight.

We go out, me, you, and her. You two will sit at the bar, flirt, talk, drink. I’ll be there, too, but I’ll be looking. Looking, hunting, scheming, wanting. When I spot him, I’ll slowly make my way to his side. Sit down, smile. He’ll offer to buy me a drink. I’ll accept. We’ll sit at the bar, flirt, talk, drink.

Until I want more. You’ll watch as I trace my fingers on his lower back, his thigh. He’ll lean down and whisper something. I don’t know what exactly, but it doesn’t really matter. There’s heat and danger and excitement. You’ll watch as he comes in a little closer, as I bend my neck ever so slightly back, and he kisses it. There’s heat and danger and excitement. I let his hand meander from my upper back down to my lower back down to my thigh. 

Until I want more. You’ll watch our mouths move, as he asks me if I want to leave, and I tell him Yes. I make my way back to you to let you both know- I’ll be home late, or tomorrow. Have a fun night. I wink, I smile. I flirt, talk, drink.

We leave. I’ve never done this before. I want it. I want this electricity and fire. We start to make out in the car. It’s building deeper and deeper, the aching growing stronger and stronger. 

I don’t know what the place looks like, I don’t know how long I’m there. All I know is the heat and the excitement, the fire. The licking and the sucking and pounding and moaning and the yelling. Fingers and mouths and tongues and pussy and cock and come. Do it again. 

I don’t leave until I’m ready to leave, until I’ve licked my plate clean. 

Yummy dreams

I’ve dreamed about you since I last saw you. I used to stare at you, for four years, I stared at you. We never talked- maybe once or twice. I’m not sure what exactly about you I lusted after. But I dream about you still. Always delicious dreams. You tease me in my dreams, like you did unknowingly when we were 16. Sometimes my dreams became raunchy group sex scenes with you and all of your friends from high school, but you and I still do not interact.

Last night, though, this time, when I saw you, I grabbed your hand and ran with you into an empty room. We kissed, you grabbed my body, feeling it for the first time. I jumped up, you held me, my legs wrapped around your back. I felt ecstatic. The charge was electric. I was so turned on and wanted you so badly.

J was in another place, another room. Knew what I was doing, and was excited to hear about it later. Two close friends appeared, laughing at my ecstasy.

We stopped kissing, your eyes told me that it couldn’t go any further because you have a girlfriend. “Dream me” cared, but didn’t want to. Wanted to disregard the ethics of the situation. But you were resolute and that was okay. I was still riding the joy from taking charge, grabbing you, having you follow, kissing you.

I have been noticing new energy in my life the past few days. I feel “on”- turned on, integrated, joyful even when I’m feeling sad. Our two sexy friends came over last night to celebrate a birthday, and it was magnificently delicious. I’m crushing hard on another beautiful friend, and I love that feeling. And then these dreams I have- it’s like I get to continue to feel that charge through my sleep. I love it.

Sensual Dreams

Recording Yourself

My most recent post for DatingAdvice is live today! I had fun writing this one (and no, I did not come up with that title):

6 Ways to Make a Better Sex Tape Than Kim Kardashian

Read on for my intro, and make sure to go read the actual tips!

“Who out there likes to watch themselves have sex? (Who doesn’t?) Closet mirrors, mirrors on the ceiling, bathroom mirrors – all are prime looking places to get more turned on during a solo, partnered or group sexual encounter.

What’s the next step after mirrors? Recording, of course! Not only do you get the thrill of being recorded, but you get the ability to watch your session over and over later on.
Mirrors are great for in-the-moment satisfaction, but recording has a bit more staying power.
But how do you go about recording yourselves safely and correctly?
The first time J and I recorded ourselves was after we bit the bullet and bought a nifty camcorder and tripod. It was insanely hot for both of us to fuck in front of a camera and watch it later.
I had a feeling I would love it after realizing how much I like watching myself masturbate and have sex with others in front of a mirror. I will admit that even after multiple recording sessions, I still am self-conscious listening to myself. However, I love watching J!
I’ve also recorded a group sex session for J’s birthday and done a few other encounters with other male partners on camera. These are J’s favorite pieces of porn to watch (no lie!)”
Have you recorded yourself before? Do you have any tips that I definitely missed?