It Was Like Maui

We had met, friends of friends, on the nude beach. You were sexy but we didn’t talk. I thought about fucking you, but thought maybe we weren’t a good match. I was wrong.

I was in Maui a year ago, and  I met someone off of Craigslist. He came over twice, both times, hardly said a word and fucked me almost senseless. Pushed my legs up to my face, spanked me, came all over me. It was perfect. You remind me of him, of that crazy good experience.

You grab me tonight when you see me, and tell me how good I look; grope and massage my ass. I am electrified. Later, you get off your shift, pass by with a drink. Say hi, tell me how attractive I am. I tell you that you are as well. I ask to get your number. After giving it to me, we start to make out. Roughly, hungrily, and I think- this feels familiar. It’s like Maui. You ask if I want to fuck. And I say yes.

We go into the room, and tear our clothes off. You go down on me, start fingering me, and it’s like Maui and magic- you just already know, without me having to tell you, how to make me come. You moan when I squirt, and make me do it again and again. Soon, I go down on you, and you force my head down onto your cock, pulling my hair up and down, up and down. And then we both want more, and you thrust your cock into my pussy, and again- it’s like Maui. Rough and dominant and slightly aggressive- the energy feels electric. This is candy. This is the best of stimulants. My body feels weak.

We fuck with you on top and in doggy style. And when you come, you pull out and come all over my ass. How I wanted your bare cock and your come deep inside of me. But we’ll save that for next time.

We make out more, hurriedly, both gasping for air. I want to fuck you again.

The Power of F.E. & Merry Christmas!

Well, it’s happened. I officially broke my computer, and it wasn’t from watching “gangbang” porn.

J and I were camming with our sexy Alaska friends, and he decided to have them watch me FE. Mind you, we have tried this once before and my FE screwed up J’s mousepad on his computer. Using rubbing alcohol on the mousepad seemed to fix it that time. BUT THIS TIME, we are pretty sure my FE flew across the keyboard and landed in the tiny crack separating the keyboard from the hinge of the laptop, frying some RAM or something. Who knows. My computer made some high-pitched squeeling noises for a while- it sounded like a pig dying :-( At least it was really hot, and our sexy friends said it was a beautiful money shot!

Anyways, we will be off the day after Christmas to go to the Mac store… and hopefully we can dodge the question of “So what exactly happened to your computer?”

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of our sexy friends! And go enjoy some sexy times! (But try not to break any expensive electronics while doing so :-)