Sunday Reclamation Affirmations

This week I want to focus on love and expectations.

Do you ever find yourself giving to others (emotionally, mentally, materially, sexually, etc) with hidden hopes that you will receive something in return? Are you able to give with the intention to simply give? The hidden expectations can often sour relationships, as bitterness and resentment build up over time when you don’t receive the things that you have been trying to get by giving yourself to others. And what is it you are trying to get exactly? Is it love? Respect? Validation? Support? Sex? Intimacy? Try crafting your own affirmation to set forth an intention that whatever you have been hungry for, you do and will have in your life.

This has been a major part of my own personal work the past six months or so.

I now affirm that I love others without expecting anything in return.

I now affirm that love is infinite and that I will always have enough.


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