Rough Patches in Our Open Relationship

My latest DA post went live: The Cons I’ve Experienced in My Open Relationship.

This one was tough for me to write at the time, and is still not my favorite to read. It’s just kind of downer for me to reflect on some of the major difficulties I have had! Haha :) But I suppose it’s also a great thing to see that I/we got through them.

One thought on “Rough Patches in Our Open Relationship

  1. The two of you are such great role models, whether that is your intention or not. The fact that you “pull back the curtain” and let your readership benefit from the life lessons you've experienced is a wonderful public service. I know it's not always easy having that fishbowl life. But you are a gift to our community. Be proud of the job you do in making the world a better place for sensual, loving people.

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