Expanding Energy

At the latest women’s group, we got into a conversation about whether we loved the forested and gray environment in the PNW/Portland, and whether we ever crave sunshine. One friend talked about her need not just for sunshine but for the desert sun and environment, in which her energy can expand outward infinitely further. Two others mentioned how their partners are similar. I talked about how I also experience a deep craving for the sun and for feeling warm sun on my skin. I can remember what it felt like to be in Hawaii, or growing up in California and laying in the backyard on the hot concrete. It warms the inside of me to even think about it. It is a deep longing to be in the sun, and I know how bouncy and awake and loving and excited and motivated I feel, even from a thirty minute walk in the sun.

How do you feel your energy expand? What gets you revved up and excited about your life? How do you engage with your core to stay rooted and secure so that your energy has a base from which to spread out? Is it the sun? Exercise? Yoga? Eating a good meal? Connecting with friends? Playing or listening to music? Meditating?


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