We laid in bed, waking up, you checking news on your phone, me looking at Facebook. I cuddled up next to you, you put your hand on my forearm, gently stroking it. All of a sudden, my senses were on fire. That small action- the gently stroking- made my brain go haywire. I loved it.

After talking a little, we begin cuddling more. You are tracing your fingertips along my arms, my stomach, my face, my legs, my feet. I can’t help but close my eyes and arch my neck and moan in absolute ecstasy. It was heavenly. I am rubbing my clit against your leg as you touch me everywhere, my head spinning with all of the sensations, and I come once, and then twice. You tease my pussy, stroking the skin just near it. Finally, you finger me, and I come. You caress me some more, gently touching me everywhere. You finger me again, and I come again. After every back-and-forth, I come. I keep smiling so big, and you do, too.

I manage to crawl on top of you. My clit is barely touching your stomach, but you are caressing my legs and feet, my inner thighs and ass. I am out of my body. My pussy feels like it is on fire and vibrating, and after a little while, I come big. It was a spectacular orgasm. I am shaky. We are both smiling.

I climb off of you, ask what you want. You cuddle up next to me, and I stroke your cock, slowly and firmly. I love how hard you are, how your pulsating cock feels in my hand. After a little while, you come.

We both sigh happily, loving each other. I loved that. And I love you.

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